This a brief example of using Testcontainers with a vanilla Couchabse Community docker image to spin up a container on which database tests can be run against. I was not able to find any good example online which uses the vanilla image, and had to spend more time than I wished to have. To save time for the next person, I write this blog (being aware of the irony in spending even more time).

This setup requires two basic steps:

1. Starting a Couchbase container with the required ports exposed

Apart from the typical container startup code, the Couchbase container additionally requires port forwarding of all required service ports. For…

Envoy as an Inter DC Traffic Manager (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of a multipart blog describing how to use Envoy as an “Inter DC Traffic Manager”. The previous part sets up the context and walks us through how to setup a mock environment to test several uses cases around managing traffic between multiple DCs (Data Centers). So if you haven’t already gone through Part 1, please try to skim through it and gain context before proceeding. Assuming that you have context from Part 1, let us proceed.


When it comes to HTTP traffic management, the main tool that Envoy provides is the HttpConnectionManager listener filter. Most traffic…

Envoy is a very powerful and versatile service proxy. There is a plethora of use cases for it. Ranging from scenarios where you might want to just use it as a simple load balancer for your horizontally scaled deployment, to using it as a sidecar for a very feature rich service mesh. This multipart blog post attempts to talk about one such scenario — using Envoy as a traffic flow controller, managing the flow of requests between two different data centers (DCs).

Why Envoy?

I have been lucky enough to put my knowledge on Envoy to good use when the team I…

Mirror Maker is one of the built in tools shipped with Kafka. It allows for easy replication of topics between Kafka clusters. We will be working with Kafka 2.4.1. The Apache Kafka documentation gives a brief description of how to use Mirror Maker

This blog describes how to setup Mirror Maker as a Kubernetes deployment. There are a few options available for a containerized mirror maker setup. What this article attempts is to show how to set it up from scratch. We will also discuss how to make Mirror Maker fault tolerant. This will be a simple setup with just…

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